The Alabama Public Library Service (APLS) Board of Directors voted last September to allow Alabama parents concerned about the appropriateness of specific library resources for children to submit individual titles to APLS for review.

In response to our request under Alabama’s Open Records Law, the APLS reversed its earlier position on keeping the list private, and the agency provided the list below.

This list is current as of January 18, 2024. Any titles submitted since then may not appear on the list. The list is compiled and maintained by the APLS, and we are not responsible for the accuracy of its content. We are simply sharing the list here as a service to concerned parents and citizens of Alabama.

To submit a title for inclusion on the list, please visit the APLS website here:

Thanks to Gov. Kay Ivey’s Executive Order 734, state agencies are required to post instructions on their websites for requesting public records. To file an Open Records Request for an updated copy of the list, follow the instructions posted here:

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This list was obtained by Bryan Taylor as the attorney pro bono (i.e., free of charge) for a small group of concerned parents, grandparents, and pastors.

It is offered here strictly as a public service.

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